Monday, March 2, 2009

Love has no border..

I woke up this morning very nostalgic and feeling very sensitive. I went and watch TV and there was this program on that's called ''Grenzeloos verliefd’’, which practically means that love, knows no frontier. It’s a program about people who fall in love with somebody of another country and find themselves going to that place to be with that person. I've always seen the commercials of this program but never the program itself. I don't know that if it was because I was highly sensitive today or what, but I was just very overwhelmed about the story they shared today. The story is about a young girl from the Netherlands that falls in love with this boy from Costa Rica when she was there on vacation. She stayed there with him for 2 months, and when she came back to the Netherlands she decided that she wanted to go back to him, so after 8 months she packed and headed to Costa Rica. I’m not going to tell all about their story, but I thought it was a good chance for me to introduce you to another hobby of mine… There’s more in love than what we think it was meant to be. There’s more in us then we are able to see. It’s more then today, it’s more than what you will ever see today and we just don’t get it. You think you love, you think that you’ve achieved your maximum and you are wrong. I don’t care if you believe in fairy tales or not, but there’s more in us than we are able to see. Could it be that we are afraid? Could we be so uneducated when it comes to the things of the heart? They say that love knows no color, race or age but do they really believe this? Do you really believe this? We often see with our eyes and never with the heart, ooh, I’m so happy for you if you do. But, do you do it all the time or only when you please? Never ignore somebody else’s halo cause it might be the one that brings you peace and lightens up your pad. There’s more in us than we are able to see. Don’t know if we will be able to recognize our angels, but I hope we one day believe that love is more wonderful than we think it is. Yes, I write. I actually love to write. I write anything, it could be something that happened to somebody or me, fiction or just thoughts. I just love it. My native language is neither Dutch nor English so I’m sorry for grammatical mistakes etc. Hope you are a dreamer just like me, and just wished that everything reflected violet and pink. Hope you get hit by a ray of sun and start seeing things more with the heart. Wishing you a Happy week, FresitaBonita

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