Friday, May 29, 2009


Hello everyone..!! Greetings from Curacao...!!! Today I just want to share 2 picture collages I made for my boyfriends mother, Yook-Yin, who yesterday showed her collection of mosaik pieces she made during her mosaik course together with other participants. Fantastic aren't they ? And she only started doing this a couple of months ago. I'm very proud of her and so is her family.
The mask that's in the middle is hers..
About a year ago I bought a book to start learning mosaik techniques, but I got caught up in paper crafts. Seeing these beautiful pieces I saw yesterday of these talented woman, got me thinking that maybe I should start diggin this great art 2..!!!! Thanks for peeking today and I will do my best to start making some cute stuff to share.. Love, FresaBonita

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