Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gadget Saturday..

My boyfriend investigates all gadget goodies he is gonna buy down to the littlest details. His main obsession: Apple.  
I've always been like very picky when I buy something 2. Especially when it comes to video cameras, digital cameras, Mp3 and video games playing consoles. I always have to look if it is the newest edition, compatibility with other products and off course it's appearance. Long story short, since I met my boyfriend I became a gadget " critic ". I'm now obsessed with Apple products 2. Not only because he kind of introduced me to it, but I always was intrigued to another brand of Computers because I just hated my PC at home. That thing would crash almost every week, and I always thought of it as being dumb. ( Sorry PC ) I lost allot of important pictures and documents because of my PC and I just wanted something else. Asking around about Apple, people would always say that it's the kind of program for people who do music, graphic design big companies and such. So I thought I was lost. Being the only person in the world that hates the PC. So off course I was thrilled when I got to know the Apple computers. It's just a whole other level of dealing with computers and it just keeps getting better.
Apple introduced these last 20th of October:

The new and ultimate all- in- one now with the ultimate display.

The redesigned Macbook


The new and mightier Mac Mini

And my personal favorite:

Magic Mouse.

These products have very amazing features that you just have to see.
Go to for full information.

If you are an Apple fanatic already and have seen this already, now you know that there is someone else very obsessed like you. And if you are new to these, which I doubt, it's worthwhile checking out. You won't regret, only your wallet.
I'm always telling my Bf that he acts like he either works at the apple store or that he has shares in the apple stock market. But look at me now. Posting this on my blog.
Maybe I could do these Gadget Saturday post like series, don't know. Was kind of fun posting this.
Hope you liked my apple obsession post.

Have a lovely Saturday,


Giselle :)

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