Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today I..

  • Discovered that doing as if you are not sick, isn't always the best idea. You get so weak after 2 days that you can barely write this post
  • Miss my grandma, but ain't not gonna call her cause I'm mad at her cause she doesn't ever call me
  • Got pushed very brutally aside in the train by a woman, but just couldn't confront her back
  • Finally sent in my job application letters for working at 2 of my favorite Craft Supply Stores
  • started making the banner of my new (coming soon ) blog ( can't work on it today anymore, too tired )
  • Got reminded that it is probably very difficult ( like meaning impossible ) to stop loving my adorable boyfriend, he is just too adorable
  • Made my feet hate me because I wore my high heel long boots ( how can such beauty cause so much pain ? )
  • Am so happy for all the lovely comments I got on this post ( You guys are just awesome !! )
  • Am so happy for yesterday..
 Just cause I had the chance to make these :

Mini thank you cards I sent in with both my job application letters. Just to let them have a sneak at what I can do ;) The tag actually comes out and has a very glittery pink ''thanks'' sentiment on it. Yes I totally forgot to take pictures of that. Just as I forgot to make my card for the Cards blog Challenge with deadline; tomorrow. If I could only have a magic stick............


Image credits: I believe in magic - I put a spell on you

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