Sunday, March 15, 2009

From a Dusty train window..

From a dusty train window, there is more to see than not to. A dusty window can bring up the most clear thoughts that haunt your mind. Some people read the newspaper in the train while others talk personal business on their mobile phones. Some people sleep a tiny lot bit, and others listen to music you can hear from your seat. I love to watch outside the window. You could feel a little dizzy, but if you learn to watch specific things you wouldn't even see your looking. A window so dusty you can stare at the little mudspecs(don't know another word for little pieces of mud) for seconds, while words come and go in your mind. This life doesn't go any slower than this train, everytime we get a little closer. Just wish I could think forever. In the meantime I'll just focus on the person that's in front of me. If only he could listen to me while I'm thinking. You are so sweet and gentle, yet so brave and centered, believe me, I could look at you all day.From a dusty window. There is so much more to see from a dusty window, believe me. While others sleep and read, listen and speak, I just peek outside this dusty window here. Be blessed this week, FresitaBonita

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Iverine said...

hey Faboulously talented Girl! I like your blog a lot! The cards give me this happy feeling. it brings me to this world full of wonderful colors. And yet when you put the pictures with mudspecs (can't think of any word else) and you describe the feeling I relate to it beautifully. Keep on doing this great Job. Kissezz abyleys


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