Sunday, August 16, 2009

I heart..

Bokeh fun, originally uploaded by jchong.

I heart the sound of music in my ears, erasing every spec of fear and thoughts that would want to enter my heart. I heart the sight of sundown colors, delighting my eyes and forcing them to only see beautiful colors that inspire and make you wanna heart yourself. I heart fresh summer breeze that make the trees make a non comparable sound that makes you want to be a bird and fly to encounter the earth. I heart beach sunny colors that makes you want to paint the world all over again without missing any part of it. I heart happy hearts that give and share everything they heart, just to make your heart happy. I heart the smile of my smile that makes my heart make one extra heartbeat that conduces to extra happy thoughts which I heart allot. I heart the fact that I can't talk about my heart without including you* and your beautiful heart in my deepest heart musings.

- Giselle Zimmerman- (Me)

I haven't written since forever, so I'm very happy my writing elves came today and inspired me with these words.

Have a great Sunday..!!!



*you = my adorable boyfriend

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